Three-dimensional printing

Indus3D has the largest and most advanced factory in the country for three-dimensional printing with a huge selection of materials
We offer our customers the most advanced technologies in the market for three-dimensional printing

Our service is suitable for both the various industries and private customers

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3D printing technologies


Filament Printing

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By the FDM method a thin plastic wire is passed through a heated syringe head in which it turns into a gel (similar to hot glue). The head of the syringe is controlled by a computer as in an ordinary printer only here it is a layer-by-layer printing (bottom-up) until the necessary model is obtained. During printing, the layers cool down and become solid

The size of the surface and the volume of the printer determines the maximum size for printing

  • Accurate
  • Cheaper
  • Wide range of materials
  • Large printing volume

Suitable for such areas as: engineering, design, architecture, robotics, education and more


Resin/Polyjet Printing

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The oldest method of three-dimensional printing has existed for about 25 years. This method uses a photopolymer-type liquid that becomes solid when exposed to light

Laser beams or projectors solidify the liquid layer by layer. A very precise model with clear details is obtained, even when the result is transparent and has a smooth surface

  • Very accurate
  • More expensive
  • Medical and transparent materials
  • Small print volume

Suitable for such areas as: Dentistry and Goldsmiths


Powder Printing

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With this method the models are built from raw material that comes in powder form. The Machine lays thin layers about 80 microns thick inside a closed and heated chamber

Depending on the technology; heart beam or injection head keys the powder in each layer until a final product is obtained. After cooling the cell it is possible to extract the objects from the surrounding powder and carry out final cleaning

  • Very accurate
  • As the amount increases the price per unit decreases
  • Suitable for creating final product
  • Large printing volume

Suitable for such areas as: engineering, design, architecture, robotics, education and more

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More about 3D printing technologies

Three-dimensional printing technologies DLP MJF, SLA, POLYJET, SLS, FDM, FFF , in industrial and desktop machines
We print a variety of plastic materials, polymers and Metals (Liquid / Powder / wire) designed for the industry and suitable the right material for the needs of any project

In addition, the factory has complementary processing machines to ensure the customer a comprehensive service; from production to finished product with strict adherence
With the help of supplementary processing services, special coloring, perfectionism, reduction to small details, speed of execution, compliance with times and strict quality control – we will ensure service at the highest level

The company has a team of professional engineers and designers specializing in the design and design of new products from the initial concept aimed at creating three-dimensional printing

Three-dimensional printing has many advantages


and production costs

Manufacturing parts
and complex products

Rapid formation of

All under one roof​​

One Stop Shop

From idea to product – three-dimensional printing allows you to create the one item that will be exactly the creation itself

Here is a wonderful example; this statue shows the Aboriginal warrior and his horse in memory of the Australian Warriors who fell during the first World War in battle on the railway station of plant

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