We Love Design

Indus3Design provides one stop shop services to businesses and government agencies. The company's specialty is Additive Manufacturing manufacturing in 3D printing. The company has comprehensive services to provide the right answer for every customer from concept to mass production. Indus3Design always strives to be at the forefront of technology and constantly incorporates new production technologies and materials. The company complies with the following standards: Standard 9001ISO includes aviation standard 9100AS.

Design and development

Our company specializes in design and development Of intended products For 3D printing And for various plastic products. For more information click.


To design a product Complete and correct, It is very important to print Models / prototypes Before mass production For more information click.


Is a very big field We divide it into 3 Manufacture several test units Production of small series up to 100 pcs Medium series production up to 10,000 pcs. For more information click.


Sometimes complex products From several different parts And everyone needs to be connected Together and add inserts For more information click.

Raw material selection

We have the most production option From 50 different materials And it's very important to choose The right stuff For more information click.

3D scans

3D scanning Is another way Shorten processes that we provide For more information click.


Coating is a great way Give new features For the product, we have several options For more information click.

Reverse engineering

Is a process of discovering principles Technological and engineering   Of product through analysis Its structure and how it works Thus causing a process shortening For more information click

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