About us

Indus3design owns the largest and most advanced manufacturing plant in the country for printing products in a wide range
Highly of technologies and materials:
3D printing with DLP MJF, SLA, POLYJET, SLS, FDM technologies in industrial machines
And desks.
We print a variety of polymers and metals (liquid / powder / yarn) suitable for industry
And know how to tailor the right material to the needs of each project.

3D printing has many advantages:
Time saving, material and production costs, manufacturing of complex parts and products and rapid production of prototypes.

In addition, the plant has complementary processing machines to ensure a comprehensive customer service from production
And finished product with strict care.
With complementary processing and coloring services, perfectionism, detail reduction, execution speed, durability
In timely and strict quality control – we will guarantee the highest level of service!

The company has a team of professional engineers and designers who specialize in designing and designing new products already
From the idea stage designed to create in 3D printing.

The plant with standard 9001ISO includes aviation standard .9100AS

Manufactures products in a wide range of industries


A combination of 3D printing is gaining momentum in the military world. Printing models and parts enables effective and professional mission learning, dedicated combat products, small-scale parts production, more professional guidance, more efficient stitching, and the development of new capabilities.


Today, 3D printing is an integral part of medicine and even necessary for various grading processes. Because of accurate body model printing after computerized scans, the medical team can perform maximally for complicated medical surgeries, saving human lives through organ mapping and custom model preparation. The advantage of integrating the technology is the intervention in the early stages of MRI / CT.


More and more airlines are embedding three-dimensional mechanical components. A combination of 3D printing in aviation is an ideal combination and is a huge advantage since it is lightweight, strong and high heat resistant – thus keeping the iron rules. Parts can be printed in complex structures, thus enhancing aircraft capabilities. The materials relevant to this industry are: ultem, peek.


3D printing allows for an engineering reverse process
Spare parts and printing in various materials adapted to standards in the automotive industry with high finishing capabilities.


Every architect can breathe a sigh of relief! From now on, models that include precision and small details should not turn into a frustrating, manual work. Today, building plans can be transferred from private homes to residential towers and public buildings to 3D models with ease. A big advantage is that the model can be split horizontally and receive plans or alternatively vertically and get cut. In addition, you can print identical copies and also combine different materials, colors and transparencies.

Start up

Every startup is required to print feasibility and presentation models. In front of investors. We will take care of you throughout the process including professional initiation with a casing of industrial designers and engineers.

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